Start News Sixth woman alleges Governor Cuomo

Sixth woman alleges Governor Cuomo

MichaelGaida / Pixabay

A sixth woman has made harassment charges against New York Governor Andrew Cuomo. As the newspaper „Times Union“ from Albany reported yesterday, the employee said that Cuomo touched her inappropriately at his residence in Albany at the end of 2020. When asked, Cuomo said he was not yet aware of the new allegation.

The New York attorney general Letitia James had appointed two independent lawyers the previous day to lead the investigation against Cuomo. Cuomo has apologized several times for earlier statements about women. He never wanted to hurt anyone or embarrass anyone and felt “terrible” and “ashamed”. But he “never touched anyone inappropriately”. Cuomo has been New York State Governor for ten years.

In the meantime, calls for resignation against Cuomo have come from among the ranks of the Democrats. He had recently come under pressure because of his handling of the CoV pandemic. The governor is accused of downplaying and covering up the death toll in old people’s homes. In the meantime, the judiciary is also investigating. At the height of the crisis in New York last spring, Cuomo was still celebrated for his determined fight against the pandemic.