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So far 40 victims confirmed after earthquake in Albania

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After the severe earthquake in Albania on Tuesday, media have reported a further increase in casualties. So far, 40 dead have been confirmed, reported today the TV channel KTV from the port city of Durres. According to the TV station, people are still under the rubble. No one can say with certainty how many people it is, said the broadcaster. More than 650 people were injured.

Austria gives 600,000 euros help

The Austrian government is providing Tirana 600,000 euros in aid. With the funds of the Austrian Development Agency (ADA), houses destroyed in the winter are to be quickly rebuilt, the Foreign Office said. Albania has been a priority country of Austrian Development Cooperation since 1992.

Already after the earthquake of 21 September, Foreign Minister Alexander Schallenberg had promised Albania support for the affected population. These will now be increased to 600,000 euros.

Aid organizations in action

The Red Cross provides people affected by the natural disaster with water, food and shelter, medical care and psychosocial support. „Around 2,000 families are homeless and currently have to stay in temporary shelters,“ said Michael Opriesnig, Secretary General of the Austrian Red Cross. „These people have lost everything and urgently need support.“

Around 100,000 people are affected by the earthquake and 30,000 need emergency relief. Meanwhile, SOS Children’s Villages helps with psychological care for children. „We are all shocked by the extent of the destruction that the earthquake brought with it. It’s hard to imagine how traumatic these experiences are for children, „said Teuta Shkenza, director of SOS Children’s Villages Albania.