Start News So far, no evidence of Iran involvement in ship attacks

So far, no evidence of Iran involvement in ship attacks

WikiImages / Pixabay

After the attacks on four ships off the coast of the United Arab Emirates, there is no evidence to date of Iran’s involvement. Yesterday, the Emirates, Saudi Arabia and Norway said that explosives attacks were presumably perpetrated by a „governmental actor“ in a presentation of the previous investigation results to the UN Security Council.

The attacks were part of a „sophisticated and coordinated action“ that required „significant operational capabilities.“

The Emirates had reported „sabotage“ against two Saudi Arabian oil tankers, a Norwegian tanker and a freighter from the Emirates on 12 May. According to preliminary findings, it is „highly probable“ that trained divers put in detention mines on the ships. The divers would have been taken to their destinations by speedboats.

Tensions intensified

The incident significantly exacerbated tensions in the Gulf. The US blames Iran for the attacks. National Security Advisor John Bolton said last week that there was „no doubt“ about who was behind the incident. Iran rejects the allegations. In any case, tensions between Washington and Tehran have sharpened in recent weeks.

According to diplomats, the presentation of the results of the investigation in the UN Security Council to date has not addressed any possible role for Iran. However, Saudi Arabian Ambassador Abdallah al-Muallimi told reporters that his country believes the responsibility for the attacks lies with Iran. Both countries are archenemies.