Start News Songs used: Neil Young is considering a lawsuit against Trump

Songs used: Neil Young is considering a lawsuit against Trump

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After using his songs in a speech by US President Donald Trump at Mount Rushmore, Canadian rock star Neil Young is considering taking legal action. „Imagine what it feels like to hear ‚Rockin‘ in the Free World ‚after this President has spoken as if it were his theme song. I didn’t write it for it, ”wrote the 74-year-old.

Trump had played the song and others at an Independence Day appearance in early July. The musician thought that “not ok” – Young refrained from complaining, however, so that the president could concentrate on the fight against the corona virus, as he wrote in a letter to the president.

After the controversial use of federal police against demonstrators, Young now wrote: „I’m about to change my mind about suing the president.“

Many musicians are bothered by the use of their songs

The musician, who lives in California and has also had US citizenship since January this year, is a staunch Democrat. Already in 2016 he had taken action against Trump using his songs in the election campaign.

He is not the only musician who has problems with Trump using his songs for campaign appearances. It wasn’t until June that the Rolling Stones threatened Trump with a lawsuit. Elton John, Ozzy Osbourne, Adele and most recently the family of singer Tom Petty, who died in 2017, had also criticized the US President for using songs.