Start Europe Spain: Podemos founding member founds new party

Spain: Podemos founding member founds new party

damonify / Pixabay

The Spanish Left Party gets competition from its own ranks: Last night ex-party founder Inigo Errejon was a new Left Party in the electoral register for the election on November 10 register. „Mas Pais“ (Dt .: „more land“ or nation) is likely to be a serious threat to the former outraged Podemos party.

„After internal party quarrels, power struggles and the detachment of smaller regional sister parties, the party alliance Unidas Podemos is in a really dangerous situation. The founding of Mas Pais could shake the left in its foundations, „says political expert Jordi Rodriguez Virgili.

Since the election defeat of Unidas Podemos in the last parliamentary election in April, the party was on the wane in the electorate. „The failed coalition negotiations and the image given by Podemos leader Pablo Iglesias make the situation even worse. Mas Pais should make Podemos ridiculously many votes, „said Virgili in an interview with the APA.