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Species extinction – „as threatening as climate change“

FrankWinkler / Pixabay
The World Conservation Council in Paris discusses its report on the state of nature. Up to a million species could soon disappear. The conference opened with a haunting appeal.

The World Conference on Biodiversity in Paris has started with a clear warning. Robert Watson, President of the World Biodiversity Council (IPBES), said: „The evidence is undeniable: the destruction of biodiversity and ecosystems has reached a level that threatens our well-being at least as much as human-induced climate change.“

Diplomats and scientists from the 132 member states will discuss policy options by the weekend. For the first time since 2005, a global status report will be published at the end of the conference on 6 May.

Up to a million species threatened

150 experts from 50 countries evaluated thousands of biodiversity studies for three years. Now they will work together with the government representatives for a week to prepare a paper with the core messages of their report during the conference, which then serves as a basis for action among other things for politicians.

Even the preliminary report draws a bleak picture: According to this, up to one million animal and plant species are threatened with extinction. Many of them could disappear in the coming decades.

Environment Minister Schulze hopes for common solutions

Even before the conference began, Federal Environment Minister Svenja Schulze emphasized the existential significance of the fight against the extinction of animal and plant species.

She hopes that the world community agrees with the report of the World Biodiversity Council IPBES on a „common, scientifically sound state of affairs“, which helps to develop common solutions, said the SPD politician.