Start Finance Strikes on bargain day at Amazon in Germany

Strikes on bargain day at Amazon in Germany

geralt / Pixabay

For the traditional bargain day Prime Day at the mail order company Amazon employees at seven locations in Germany went on strike to enforce better wages. The work stoppages began at night on today, as Orhan Akman of the service company Verdi AFP news agency said. „We expect a good participation,“ says Akman without further details.

„Majority works normally“

Amazon had stated in advance that the strike call will have no effect on deliveries to customers. „The overwhelming majority of our employees work normally,“ said a corporate spokesman. „The parcels arrive.“

Verdi calls for the Amazon employees collective income as in retail and mail order. For this Amazon should recognize regional collective agreements.

„Discounts through low pay“

The start of the strike coincides with the Prime Day, which attracts Amazon with strong discounts. „While Amazon blows with hefty discounts on Prime Day for bargain hunting, workers are denied a living wage agreement,“ Verdi trade expert Akman criticized the US group.

The discounts to the customers let Amazon pay „by tariff flight and low wages of its own employees,“ lamented the trade unionist. „This must be over.“ The company must finally recognize the collective agreements for retail and mail order, wages and salaries at Amazon should no longer be determined „lessee“.