Start England „Survived despite humiliation“

„Survived despite humiliation“

Theresa May- humiliation

The British House of Commons has given Prime Minister Theresa May confidence on Wednesday night. Although the result had become apparent, the vote ultimately fell just in favor of May. She had 325 MPs on her side and won by only 19 votes ahead. A defeat in the vote initiated by Labor leader Jeremy Corbyn would have meant new elections.

The reactions of the British media to the vote of no confidence did not wait long. May survived „despite the humiliation of the Brexit vote,“ wrote the conservative „Telegraph“ on his website.

The conservative tabloid Daily Mail called on the prime minister to vote for Brexit after the vote. „Continue now!“, It said on the website of the newspaper.

The liberal tabloid Daily Mirror said that May had „just barely survived.“ Northern Ireland DUP members, who are in coalition with May’s conservative party, have „saved May.“

The „Sun“, the UK’s most prolific tabloid with a traditionally anti-European stance, ruled differently on the vote on the Prime Minister’s future. She had „brushed aside“ Labor leader Jeremy Corbyn’s attempt to force new elections and could now push ahead with Brexit