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Parliament: Trump’s former lawyer says again – not public

The former lawyer of US President Donald Trump, Michael Cohen, should once again answer questions before the US Congress. The interrogation should continue on...

One of the scary moments comes after about two hours

Michael Cohen, ex-lawyer for Donald Trump, speaks in a low, haunting voice before the US Congress. "Everybody's got a job in the Trump organization:...

Key figure in the Russia investigation

On 7 February, Donald Trump's ex-lawyer Michael Cohen wanted to testify before the US Congress. However, Cohen informed his legal advisor Lanny Davis that...

Cohen wants to testify before Congress

In the so-called Russian scandal involving Donald Trump, the former lawyer of the president, Michael Cohen, wants to testify before the congress in February....

Michael Cohen : three years in prison

A New York court has convicted Michael Cohen of tax evasion and false statements before Congress. The punishment: three years in prison. The prosecution...