Start Asia Tens of thousands defy demo ban again in Hong Kong

Tens of thousands defy demo ban again in Hong Kong

Public_Domain_Photography / Pixabay

Despite a ban on police, tens of thousands of people have again taken to the streets in Hong Kong. A long protest march took place today through the Kowloon district. For fear of new riots numerous shops remained closed.

The demonstrators sang the anthem of the protest movement and called on the government to fulfill all their demands. The protesters also wanted to set a sign against violence.

Attacks on representatives of the protest movement

One of the organizers of the marches, Jimmy Shan, was hospitalized last week after being beaten up by men on the street. Yesterday, a 19-year-old protest supporter was also attacked with a knife.

The ongoing protests since June 9th had lost momentum after the government imposed a disguise ban and made it difficult for protesters with restrictions of subway traffic to move around the city.

Many US flags to see

Once again, many demonstrators with US flags were seen today. The adoption of a US House bill to support the pro-democracy movement in Hong Kong last week triggered serious tensions between Beijing and the US.

The draft requires economic sanctions if the autonomy of Hong Kong is undermined. It also provides for punitive measures against politicians who have violated Hong Kong’s freedoms. The draft is still in the Senate, but enjoys great support from Republicans and Democrats. In the end, US President Donald Trump would still have to sign the law.