Start Shares Tesla wants to sell e-cars only via the Internet

Tesla wants to sell e-cars only via the Internet

Blomst / Pixabay

Tesla wants to sell his electric cars in the future only over the Internet. The move should help lower prices, said company chief Elon Musk yesterday. Many of the Tesla stores are due to close, the remaining ones being used as showrooms and information centers. This will also be associated with job cuts.

There is no other way for Tesla to be financially sustainable, Musk said. In the US, you could buy a Tesla on your smartphone within a minute, and that’s how it should be around the world soon.

At the same time Musk announced that Tesla’s hopes Model 3 is now finally sold to the originally promised price of 35,000 dollars (31,000 euros) before taxes and electric car benefits. Among other things, the version has a smaller battery. This is the lowest price at which Tesla can sell a Model 3, said Musk.