Start Spain Thunberg has arrived in Madrid for a climate demonstration

Thunberg has arrived in Madrid for a climate demonstration

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Swedish activist Greta Thunberg has arrived in Madrid on the occasion of the World Climate Change Conference, before a major climate protests. Dozens of media representatives welcomed the 16-year-old today at Chamartin station in the north of the Spanish capital. Because of the high demand Thunberg had to wait for a quarter of an hour on the train, before she could get off accompanied by Spanish security forces.

Thunberg had gone on the night before in Lisbon in the night train. There she arrived on Tuesday after a three-week sailing trip across the Atlantic. The climate activist does not fly because of the high CO2 emissions from aircraft.

Thunberg and hundreds of thousands of protesters want to protest tonight with greater climate protection in the center of the city, thereby putting pressure on the climate conference participants. The protest march starts at 18.00. At the end of the stage, in addition to Thunberg, Spanish actor Javier Bardem and Brazilian environmental activist Sonia Guajajara will also speak to the protesters. The climate conference lasts until the 13th of December.