Start News Trump calls impeachment as „Lynchmord“

Trump calls impeachment as „Lynchmord“

geralt / Pixabay

US President Donald Trump has called the impeachment of Democrats against him as „lynching“. However, he will emerge as the winner of the process, Trump was confident today. „All Republicans need to remember what they are experiencing here – a lynching,“ he wrote on Twitter. Trump had already described the action against him in early October as a „coup“.

Historically, the term „lynching“ in the United States has historically been associated with brutal, racially motivated killings of black people in the southern states. A Democratic member of the state of South Carolina, James Clyburn, condemned the President’s words as „incitement.“ „That’s a word that no president should use on his own terms,“ ​​he told CNN news channel. „That’s a word we should be very, very careful with.“

The Democrats in the House of Representatives had started preparations in September for an impeachment case against Trump for suspected abuse of power. Trump is accused of encouraging Ukrainian President Volodymyr Selenski in a phone call in late July to investigate his rival Joe Biden and his son Hunter. The Democrats see this as an attempt by Trump to win the election with the help of a foreign government. In addition, he should have used aid as a means of pressure. Trump denies all allegations. Three investigating parliamentary committees are currently hearing witnesses.