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Trump does not want to travel to North Korea for the time being

MIH83 / Pixabay

US President Donald Trump does not want to travel to North Korea right now, but does not rule out doing so in the future. „I think we’re not ready yet,“ Trump said yesterday in Washington. Until it could come to that, much distance would have to be covered.

The relationship with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un continues to be „very good,“ said Trump. But at the moment „probably not“ is the right time to visit North Korea. „I would do it someday, sometime in the distant future,“ Trump continued, continuing to say to Kim, „Depending on what happens, I’m sure he would like to come to the US as well.“

Kim invited Trump to visit Pyongyang in a September letter, according to a South Korean newspaper report released yesterday. The two statesmen had met in June 2018 for the first time for a historic summit meeting.

Meeting in demilitarized zone

A second meeting in February was canceled without result. In June, Trump and Kim met for the first time in the demilitarized zone between North and South Korea. They agreed to continue talks at the working level, but they have not started to this day.

The North Korean Foreign Ministry said that the success of future negotiations with the US would depend on security guarantees. One week after a contingent call by Deputy Foreign Minister Choe Son Hui, it was said that „coming work talks will be an opportunity crucial to the future path of dialogue between North Korea and the US.“

The talks are possible, „when threats and hurdles that endanger the security of our system and hinder our development are beyond any doubt,“ the head of the US Department of the Ministry said. New negotiations with the US could be „in a few weeks“. In recent weeks Pyongyang has launched a series of internationally criticized missile tests.