Start America Trump said he had asked Sarah Sanders to stop press conferences

Trump said he had asked Sarah Sanders to stop press conferences

Donald Trump-Sarah Sanders

US President Donald Trump said he had asked White House spokeswoman Sarah Sanders to stop press conferences, saying the media was rude to her.

Trump wrote in a tweet that the reason why Sarah Sanders did not give regular press briefings was „the inaccurate coverage and the harsh handling of the media, especially some journalists.“

„I told her not to bother about that,“ he said. „A lot does not cover our news fairly and then the false news appears.“

The last time Sanders received questions from reporters was December 18.

On January 3, Trump suddenly appeared – for the first time on the media platform – to present his position on border security, but did not allow questions to be asked.

Trump has repeatedly complained of what he describes as unfair coverage of his presidency, and his media rivalry to a personal level. Trump and his aides are sometimes insulted or reprimanded to journalists they do not like in public.

Trump has been critical of the media since he took office, often accusing her of falsifying, falsifying news, relying on unknown sources, and of being dishonest, misleading the American people and underestimating the achievements of his administration.

The most prominent clash between Trump and the media was what happened between him and CNN correspondent Jim Acosta during a news conference last November of a clash and controversy, and the White House withdrew the credentials of the journalist briefly, before the court ordered to return it.

The White House has been criticized by press organizations recently for not holding regular press conferences.