Start America Trump sues against financial disclosure

Trump sues against financial disclosure

Sambeetarts / Pixabay
US President Trump has denounced the disclosure of his finances in Congress. The panel led by the Democrats had requested the documents. They also want to hear from Trump’s ex-advisor.

US President Donald Trump resists Democrats in Congress to gain insight into his finances. Attorneys Trumps and the Trump organization complain that Democrats want to force the release of financial documents.

With their newly won majority in the House of Representatives, the Democrats are advancing several investigations against Trump. Elijah Cummings, Chairman of the Audit Committee, had requested financial documentation from a company with whom Trump and his companies had long worked in accounting. Cummings exhibited a so-called Subpoena, with which the company Mazars USA under penalty threat to force the publication.

Trump’s lawyers argue that this step is inadmissible. They accused the Democrats of conducting a political war against Trump. Instead of working with the presidents, they are „obsessed“ with finding something, the complaint says. Trump complains accordingly as a private person, not as a president.

Key figure in Russia investigations to testify

Meanwhile, the Democrats in the Judiciary Committee have invited former US presidential adviser Donald McGahn, one of the key figures in the Russia investigation by special investigator Robert Müller, to testify before the panel. The hearing was scheduled to take place on May 7, with committee chair Jerry Nadler mailed. Submissions by congressional committees are binding.

Special Rapporteur Robert Müller’s report, after nearly two years of investigation, has failed to provide clear evidence of misconduct by President Donald Trump or the electoral camp. However, in the more than 400 pages that suggest a possible judicial influence by Trump. A rating had left open to Müller. Trump’s Attorney General William Barr saw no reason for indictment.

Democrats disagree on action

Legal expert McGahn had worked extensively with the special investigator’s team. The legal advisor is also said to have been one of the White Households who opposed the Trumps for breaking their law.

There is currently disagreement within the US Democrats as to whether the valid legal transfers contained in the Mueller report on the impeachment of the presidents should be used. Trumps from the White House takes over Ultimately, decides the current Republican-dominated Senate.