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Turkish opposition leader attacked

Samueles / Pixabay

Three weeks after the local elections in Turkey, opposition leader Kilicdaroglu was attacked by a mob at the funeral of a soldier. The background of the incident is still unclear.

Kemal Kilicdaroglu, leader of Turkey’s largest opposition party CHP, has been attacked by a mob in Ankara province. On pictures of the channel CNN Türk can be seen, how a man beats the politician during a lack with a fist in the face.

Bodyguards tried to push back the angry men. According to CNN Türk, they finally took Kilicdaroglu out of town with an armored vehicle. Kilicdaroglu later announced that he was fine.

Burial of a soldier

The incident occurred at the funeral of a soldier. He and three other military men were killed on Saturday in battles with the Kurdish PKK Kurdish Workers Party near the Iraqi border.

President and AKP leader Recep Tayyip Erdogan had accused the CHP and three other opposition parties before the local election on 31 March of working with the PKK and „sending their supporters into the communities“.

The governorship said the incident was under investigation and investigation. The speaker of the governing party AKP, Ömer Celik, condemned the act on Twitter.

Three weeks after the local election

The AKP had lost the capital Ankara and the metropolis Istanbul to the CHP in the local election three weeks ago. In Istanbul, CHP candidate Ikrem Imamoglu was declared mayor last week. However, the decision on an ACP request for a re-election is still pending.