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Ukraine: Poroshenko enters parliamentary elections

OpenClipart-Vectors / Pixabay

The ex-Ukrainian president Petro Poroshenko will be the top candidate of his party European Solidarity in the parliamentary elections in mid-July. This was decided today at a party congress in Kiev.

Poroshenko wants to continue campaigning for his country to join the EU and NATO. This was already one of his central concerns as head of state. „We will do everything we can to make people’s hopes for change come true,“ Poroshenko wrote on Twitter.

Supreme Rada of Selensky dissolved

The new Ukrainian President Volodymyr Selensky had dissolved the parliament, the Verkhovna Rada, more than two weeks after his swearing-in. Poroshenko’s camp had a majority there so far. Selenski can hope for success in the parliamentary elections on July 21, similar to the presidential election.

Selensky’s Party Servant of the People also met today to nominate candidates for the upcoming election. The head of state said Ukrainian media that he will introduce a new prime minister after the vote.