Start News Unrest in Chile: President promises reforms

Unrest in Chile: President promises reforms

mayns82 / Pixabay

The Chilean leader Sebastian Pinera has responded to the multi-day protests in Chile with a reform package in favor of the poorer sections of the population.

The conservative president announced in a televised address last night (local time) an increase in the minimum and minimum wage, as well as lower drug prices, higher taxes for high earners, and lower salaries for MPs and senior civil servants.

„The problems have accumulated over decades, we in the governments have not been able to recognize them,“ said Pinera, apologizing to the people. He had agreed with representatives of opposition parties to form joint working groups to implement the announced social agenda.

Higher ticket prices triggered riots

The wave of protests was triggered by an increase in subway ticket prices in the capital Santiago de Chile. As a result, the streets of Chilean and Chilean people became more and more annoyed with low wages and pensions, high prices and tuition fees, and extreme disparities between the rich and the poor. Quickly the rallies and the riots spread to the whole country.

At least 15 people were killed in the riots since Friday. Yesterday evening there were rallies and riots after the curfew. For example, a supermarket and a pharmacy in Santiago were set on fire, according to news portal Emol.