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US cut aid payments for Central American states

Ronile / Pixabay

The US has cut aid to three Central American countries, which US President Donald Trump is accusing of inaction to curb migration. Foreign Minister Mike Pompeo has said that aid programs for El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras will be phased out in 2017 and 2018, a State Department spokesman said yesterday. Tens of thousands of people have fled these countries in the past few years from poverty and violence in the United States.

The financial year 2018 ended months ago, and the US State Department did not explain how much money was being withheld by the measure. Over the past two years, the US has provided $ 1.3 billion (1.16 billion) in development aid to Central America, especially for the three countries.

President Trump accuses their governments of looking the other way, while „caravans“ of immigrants are heading for the United States. In December, the US and Mexico had agreed on a major investment program for the northern triangle of Central America to curb migration