Start News US Democrats plan to rename John Wayne Airport

US Democrats plan to rename John Wayne Airport

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In the wake of the racism debate in the USA, the Democrats in Orange County in California want to rename an airport named after western film legend John Wayne. The reason is interview statements, in which the Hollywood star, who died in 1979, said that he believed in the superiority of whites („White Supremacy“) and blacks still needed education, as the station CNN reported today.

According to a proposal by the Democrats, which the district government now has to decide, the airport, located around 65 kilometers southeast of Los Angeles, is simply called Orange County Airport.

Son: Out of context

Oscar winner John Wayne („The Marshall“) personified the traditional values ​​of the American pioneering era as an actor and was known for his sometimes extremely conservative political positions.

Orange County gave the airport, which opened in 1923, the name of the actor right after Wayne’s death. In 1982 a 2.70 meter tall statue of John Wayne was also erected. According to CNN, his son Ethan Wayne said last year that his father’s quotes were being taken out of context.