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US Democrats: Proposals for Impeachment Procedures

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Even before the proposed impeachment proceedings against President Donald Trump were initiated, the Democrats made a proposal to the Republicans in the Senate for further action. The Senate, which is dominated by Trumps Republicans, is the crucial instance in an impeachment procedure that could be formally opened in the House of Representatives in the middle of the week.

Democratic minority leader Chuck Schumer addressed his Republican counterpart Mitch McConnell in a letter published yesterday (local time) by several US media. In it, he suggested summoning four senior White House officials as witnesses, including Trump’s chief of staff, Mick Mulvaney, and former national security adviser John Bolton. The letter said that the procedure could begin in the second week of January.

Two-thirds majority necessary

Trump is said to be responsible for the abuse of power and obstruction of the Congressional investigation, according to the Democrats‘ will. This week, the plenary session in the House of Representatives will decide on the two charges. Should the majority in the chamber dominated by the Democrats agree, the impeachment proceedings against Trump would be formally opened.

The subsequent procedure in the Senate is like a trial. For a conviction and impeachment of the president, a two-thirds majority would be required there, which is currently not foreseeable.