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US Democrats want to challenge a declaration of emergency

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The US Democrats want to challenge US President Donald Trump’s declaration of failure to build a wall on the Mexican border in Congress. In a letter, the House Speaker Nancy Pelosi called the media yesterday for local support to support a resolution.

The initiative should be introduced tomorrow so that it can be voted on by mid-March. Trump’s declaration of emergency undermines the division of powers in the country, Pelosi wrote.

Class action lawsuit of 16 states

The resolution was drafted by Texas Democrat Joaquin Castro, whose family has Mexican roots. In the Chamber of Deputies, which is controlled by the Democrats, the initiative is likely to succeed.

In the Senate, however, Trump’s Republicans have the majority. Anyway, Trump could be vetoed should Congress block its declaration of calamity. To overrule this veto, both the House of Representatives and the Senate would require a two-thirds majority, which is unlikely to be achieved.

16 US states filed a class action lawsuit against the state of emergency this week. Trump had declared a national emergency on Friday at the southern border of the United States on Friday to advance his plans to build a border wall to Mexico billion dollar. He justified this with an alleged „invasion“ of drugs, people smugglers and criminal gangs. The construction of the wall is one of Trump’s campaign promises.