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US justice accuses Huawei

kalhh / Pixabay

The US Department of Justice has filed charges against Huawei, the world’s largest telecom hardware manufacturer, and several of its daughters. In total, there are 13 charges and almost two dozen allegations. The focus is on the activities of Huawei subsidiary Skycom in Iran. In this context, the US is also officially demanding the extradition of the Chinese group’s head of finance, Meng Wanzhou, detained in Canada.

In addition to undermining sanctions against Iran, the Group is also charged with hundreds of millions of dollars in money laundering, fraud and other offenses. Among other things, Huawei is said to have seized trade secrets of T-Mobile illegally. It was about a test robot for mobile phones. Potentially, such behavior also threatens US security needs, said Minister of Homeland Security Kirstjen Nielsen.

In Iran Huawei is said to have de facto maintained a subsidiary with Skycom, although the group denied this and almost simulated a sale of the company. US Secretary of Commerce Wilbur Ross pointed out that the prosecution of these crimes is unrelated to the negotiations between China and the US over the trade dispute. There it should go this week in the next round.



除了破坏对伊朗的制裁外,该集团还被控以数亿美元的洗钱,欺诈和其他罪名。据说,据说华为非法侵占了T-Mobile的商业机密。这是关于手机的测试机器人。国土安全部部长Kirstjen Nielsen说,这种行为可能也会威胁到美国的安全需求。