Start News US Presidency: Biden wins primary in Alaska

US Presidency: Biden wins primary in Alaska

skeeze / Pixabay

The candidate for the US Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden has won the primary in Alaska. The Alaska Democratic Party announced yesterday evening (local time) via Twitter that Biden had received 55.3 percent of the vote.

The vote by postal vote had taken place before Biden’s main opponent Bernie Sanders had left the race for the presidential candidacy. According to the information, 44.7 percent of the voters voted for Sanders.

Sanders wants to collect more votes

Sanders announced his departure from the race a few days ago, paving the way for Biden’s presidential candidacy. The Vermont senator had fallen behind in the primaries against the middle politician Biden, most recently he had little chance of being nominated as a presidential candidate.

Despite his exit, Sanders plans to continue collecting delegate votes in the coming months. In this way he wants to secure a political weight at the nomination party conference planned for mid-August. Biden has repeatedly called on Sanders ’followers to join his campaign. Almost all other applicants who have since left the race for the democratic presidential candidacy have already supported Biden.