Start America US President Donald Trump has threatened a long budget freeze

US President Donald Trump has threatened a long budget freeze

Donald Trump
US President Donald Trump has threatened a long budget freeze

It could take „a long time“ to find a solution to the dispute, Trump said Wednesday at a Cabinet meeting in the White House. But there could also be a quick agreement. Trump reiterated his call for funding for the construction of the Wall of Mexico he wanted on the Mexican border: „The $ 5.6 billion is such a small amount, and we’re talking about national security,“ the president said.

The budget dispute, which has paralyzed parts of the federal authorities in Washington for nearly two weeks, has become a test of power between the president and the Democrats. The main issue is Trump’s billions claim for the proposed border wall. The Democrats and also some of Trump’s republicans reject the construction of the Wall. Because of the „shutdown“ hundreds of thousands of government employees are on forced leave or have to work for the time being without salary.

Also at a meeting of Trump with tips of the opposition Democrats on Wednesday afternoon, it has not come to a breakthrough. Nancy Pelosi, Democratic Party’s designated Democratic chairperson, announced after the meeting that she would present a draft budget bill at the constituent meeting of the House on Thursday.

Shutdown will be working on the new convention on Thursday

Trump woos the opposition Democrats for wanting to pass a budget law after the majority vote in the House of Representatives on Thursday, which does not provide for the border wall.

The „shutdown“ will also employ the new US Congress, which will meet on Thursday for its first session in a new constellation. The intermediate election at the beginning of November has shifted the balance of power in Congress. The Senate remains in the hands of the Republicans, but in the House of Representatives, then the Democrats have the majority.