Start Finance US Securities and Exchange Commission is targeting Danske Bank

US Securities and Exchange Commission is targeting Danske Bank

PIRO4D / Pixabay

The US Securities and Exchange Commission SEC now also investigates the money laundering scandal at Danske Bank. The Danish money house announced today that it will cooperate in this further investigation into possible money laundering in the Danske branch in Estonia.

In addition, the investigation of the US Department of Justice in the case announced in October are not yet completed, explained the money house. Danske did not know when the examinations were over, said transitional chief Jesper Nielsen. „We continue to cooperate with the authorities to provide a complete picture of the events in the case.“
Danske Bank has to leave Estonia

Danske Bank is at the center of one of the biggest money laundering scandals in Europe. It concerns alleged violations of anti-money laundering regulations in the Estonian branch. There should be about 200 billion euros have been washed.

The Estonian financial regulator announced on Tuesday that Danske had to cease operations in Estonia. As a result, the bank declared that it had decided to settle its remaining operations in the other Baltic states of Latvia, Lithuania and Russia. This goes hand in hand with the company strategy of concentrating on the core market in Scandinavia. The bank is also targeted by the authorities in Denmark, France and the United Kingdom.