Start America US threatens new sanctions against Venezuela’s ruler Maduro

US threatens new sanctions against Venezuela’s ruler Maduro

Venezuela- Nicolás Maduro

The US threatens new sanctions against Venezuela’s ruler Nicolás Maduro. The US government is investigating further sanctions to increase access to Maduro’s funds and deprive its regime of the necessary money to stay in power, US Security Advisor John Bolton told Fox Business Network.

The US-backed opposition leader Juan Guaidó wants to increase pressure on Maduro with strikes in the civil service. To this end, he held talks with union representatives and threatened the government with new protests to overthrow Maduro. „They thought the pressure was already abating,“ he said at a press conference. „But you should know that the pressure has just begun.“

Guaidó had returned from a foreign trip on Monday despite a looming arrest to lead new protests against Maduro. He had campaigned in Colombia, Brazil, Argentina, Paraguay, and Ecuador for support in the power struggle with Maduro and for humanitarian aid for his crisis-ridden country. He violated a travel ban that had been imposed on him by the Supreme Court in Venezuela after he had proclaimed himself in mid-January as interim president.

The US threatens Maduro in case of arrest with consequences. Maduro spoke publicly on Tuesday for the first time since Guaidó’s return. He spoke of a „crazy minority“ that was destined to destabilize the country but was defeated. He accuses Guaidó of leading a US-led coup attempt.