Start News Venezuela Announces Arrest of Two US Citizens

Venezuela Announces Arrest of Two US Citizens

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The Venezuelan security forces have arrested two US citizens who are said to have been involved in an attempted „invasion“ of the country, according to head of state Nicolas Maduro. The men, aged 34 and 41, were among US President Donald Trump’s security personnel, Maduro said yesterday in a televised speech to the Armed Forces High Command.

The head of state showed passports and other documents that are said to have come from the two men. According to Maduro, they are believed to have belonged to a group that tried to infiltrate Venezuela from the sea. A total of 15 people were caught by the army and police on the coast in this attempt at the „invasion“ on Sunday and yesterday. The head of state did not name the nationalities of the other detainees.

Attorney General Tarek William Saab accused opposition leader Juan Guaido of hiring „mercenaries“ to attack the government. In return, Guaido „stole“ $ 212 million from foreign accounts held by the state-owned oil company PDVSA and other accounts that were frozen due to US sanctions.