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Venezuela crisis .. Guido calls for going down the streets and Maduro reviews the army

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Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guido has called on his supporters to take to the streets on Wednesday and Saturday in a new challenge to Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro, who has been keen to show his country’s military forces.

Maduro said he was open to dialogue with US President Donald Trump, but blamed Washington for everything in his country and accused Guido of violating the constitution by declaring himself interim president.

US national security adviser John Bolton warned that any violence or intimidation of US diplomats or Venezuela’s opposition leader would be met with a strong response from the United States.

Military power
One of the main conflicts of power between Guadillo and Maduro revolves around the polarization of military power in the country, and this has been clearly demonstrated by recent positions and statements by both parties.

Maduro was keen to show his military troops from a military platform for Russian equipment in the Venezuelan army to confirm that he had the support of the armed forces. From the platform he accused the United States of conspiring to divide the army.

On the other hand, there is another move from the opposition to the army to attract the army, Guido addressed the army and demanded to bias to what he called the demands of the Venezuelan people.

An invitation also coincides with Guido’s supporters continuing with a campaign to distribute leaflets on army posts to persuade soldiers to join them.

Venezuela has been under growing tension since Wednesday after Guido, who heads the opposition-majority parliament, took office temporarily until new elections, a move backed by America and Russia’s refusal.

President Trump quickly recognized the leader of the opposition as a transitional president and was followed by states including Canada, Colombia, Peru, Ecuador, Paraguay, Brazil, Chile, Panama, Argentina, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Britain, Spain and France, and finally Israel and Australia.

On the other hand, countries – including Russia, Turkey, Mexico and Bolivia – supported the legitimacy of Maduro, who a few days ago was sworn in as president for a new six-year term.