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Venezuelan politician ended hunger strike

xusenru / Pixabay

In Venezuela, arrested opposition politician and vice-president Edgar Zambrano has ended his hunger strike after ten days. His wife Sobella Mejias wrote yesterday on Twitter that authorities have allowed her husband to visit his family. Her husband then phased out his hunger strike.

Arrested in May

Zambrano was arrested on 8 May for supporting a failed uprising by soldiers against head of state Nicolas Maduro. In the Venezuelan parliament, the opposition led by Maduro’s opponent Juan Guaido has the majority. However, the parliament has been further disempowered.

Maduro and Guaido have been delivering a bitter power struggle in the South American crisis state for months. Parliament President Guaido declared himself transitional president in January and is recognized by more than 50 states, including Germany and the United States.

US allegations against Venezuelan Air Force

The US forces yesterday made allegations against the Venezuelan Air Force: a Venezuelan Russian-style fighter jet had „aggressively“ approached a US reconnaissance plane over the Caribbean.

The bomber had flown up to an „uncertain distance“ to the US machine and thus had the aircraft and its crew in danger, said the responsible for Latin America Southern Command of the US armed forces (Southcom). The incident shows Russia’s „irresponsible military support“ of Maduro’s „illegitimate regime“.