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Venezuela’s split parliament confirms Guaido

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The Venezuelan parliament split yesterday in an unprecedented double vote between supporters and opponents of the government of President Nicolas Maduro. Around 100 MPs from the opposition confirmed Maduro’s arch enemy, the previous chairman and self-appointed interim president Juan Guaido.

Parliamentarians from the loyalist Socialist Unity Party and apostates from the opposition alliance had elected Luis Parra as the new chairman a few hours earlier. Maduro’s government security forces had blocked Guaido and numerous other opposition representatives from entering the parliament building. The independent press was also excluded from the congressional meeting.

Parra excluded from own party

Until December, Parra belonged to the opposition party „Primero Justicia“ („First Justice“), which is part of the alliance around Guaido. He was expelled from his party after opposition officials accused him of trying to win other high-bribery MPs for Maduro.

According to supporters of Guaido, Parra’s election took place in the congress building without the necessary quorum. Parras supporters, on the other hand, stated that he had been elected in accordance with the rules with 84 votes from 150 MPs present. The Venezuelan parliament consists of 165 people’s representatives.

Guaido’s supporters in parliament then gathered in a meeting in the building of the El Nacional newspaper, in which the interim president was re-elected as parliamentary chairman.

Maduro challenged

Guaido had been elected President of the National Assembly in early 2019 because his opposition party, “Voluntad Popular” (“People’s Will”) was scheduled to hold the parliamentary chair. On January 23, the previously completely unknown MP declared himself interim president, thereby openly challenging President Maduro.

Its supporters have long gathered in the constituent assembly newly created by Maduro, a kind of competing parliament. Only recently have they again taken part in National Assembly meetings, which critics now see as a tactical maneuver given Parra’s election.

West recognized Guaido

Numerous countries, including the United States and many EU countries, subsequently recognized Guaido as the rightful transition president. However, despite international support and massive demonstrations in Venezuela, he failed to push Maduro out of office. The left head of state can still count on the support of the powerful military.