Start Austria Vienna:Luxusgagen in children’s club: Justice should check

Vienna:Luxusgagen in children’s club: Justice should check


The NEOS Vienna turn to the Economic and Corruption Prosecutor’s Office in the Causa of the Vienna-sponsored association for child and youth care. The association is said to have paid luxury fees to employees.

„The investigative authorities should look at whether there is a criminally relevant fact,“ said NEOS Vienna club boss Christoph Wiederkehr. As announced on Friday, the Court of Auditors criticized the municipal association Vienna child and youth care. Individual employees would have cashed heavily over years. Economy and economy would have played no role. The city financed the association in 2017 with 40 million euros – more on this in RH report: luxury fees in urban association.

It was „fact“, „that at this club apparently years of high-ranking SPÖ officials and their relatives have managed massively in their own pockets,“ said Wiederkehr in a broadcast. „With this system Ludwig-Kopietz must be once and for all!“
Also SPÖ country party secretary worked in association

He also pointed out that SPÖ state party secretary Barbara Novak was from 2005 to 2011 deputy chairman of this association. The SPÖ’s protestations for reform are therefore „not very credible“, according to Wiederkehr: „If the SPÖ state party secretary Novak appears and says that under her leadership there would be no such thing, that is plainly the untruth. Or has Miss Novak forgotten that she herself was Deputy Chairman of this association from 2005 to 2011? “

Criticism came on Saturday again from the Vienna FPÖ and also from the ÖVP. „The squandering of the Red City Hall has reached a new peak,“ revolted Vice Mayor Dominik Nepp (FPÖ). The SPÖ have produced at the club concerned „a financial scandal of the special class“. He also targeted Novak.
ÖVP after scandal for rapid elections in Vienna

ÖVP City Councilor Markus Wölbitsch and ÖVP club leader Elisabeth Olischar called for a „restart“ and „swift new elections“ in Vienna. „Representatives of the SPÖ apparently regard the tax money of the Viennese as their property. Whether hospital North, dubious real estate deals, supply jobs or the current SPÖ scandal at the Vienna Children and Youth Care Association: In the city of Vienna has the system, „the criticism.

The Court of Auditors criticized the handling of generous salaries in its report that became public on Friday. Brisant is the cause of the fact that the wife of former Parliament President Harry Kopietz (SPÖ) until last year managing director of the association was. When she retired, the new boss reported the inconsistencies.