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Vienna:Shots in City: Mafia Billing?


The search for the person who gunned down a man in Vienna yesterday and injured a life-threatening one continues. The victims are supposed to be mafia members, the identity is now clear.

The „Kotor Mafia war reaches as far as Vienna: one dead man and one injured man,“ headlined the online portal Vijesti on Friday evening in a report. According to Serbian and Montenegrin media, the victims are two members of a clan named after a neighborhood in Kotor. The clan has been fighting a veritable war for years with another clan named after another Kotor settlement.
He was released from custody in early December

The dead man, Vladimir R., 31, was sentenced to eight months in Belgrade for documentary falsification, according to the daily Vijesti. He is said to have been convicted in Montenegro for illegal possession of firearms.

As reported on Saturday the Internet portal of the daily newspaper, referring to Montenegrin police sources, the man was released on 7 December from a prison in which he is said to have been due to a bomb attack. In the middle of last week, he is said to have left Montenegro for Vienna.

The second heavily injured victim of the shooting, a 21-year-old, also from Montenegro, is believed to be a son of the former boss of the Montenegrin mafia in the Vojvodina capital of Novi Sad. Both the father and a brother of the seriously injured were killed in mafia settlements in Novi Sad and Belgrade respectively in 1999 and 2015, the internet portal „Analitika“ announced.
Newspaper: Origin is in drug dispute

The series of bloody settlements between the two Mafia groups from Kotor, which have been held in Belgrade frequently in recent years, is said to have its origins in a drug dispute.

At the end of 2014, one of the two clans reportedly hid around 200 kilograms of cocaine from South America in an apartment in Valencia, Serbian media reported. The information had come to members of the other clan who had decided to cocaine theft. Shortly thereafter, the bloody settlements started, first in Valencia, then in Montenegro and Serbia.
The Vienna police did not announce any further information on the case on Saturday morning. Thus, the identity of the victims and the motive for the deed are not confirmed.
Offenders are not ready

In the middle of downtown, an unknown culprit fired on two men on Friday afternoon. One man died, another was taken to the hospital with life-threatening injuries. The culprit escaped. Eyewitnesses spoke of five to ten shots that were heard in the passage connecting Lugeck and Wollzeile