Start News WHO: Record number of new cases

WHO: Record number of new cases

jrvalverde / Pixabay

The World Health Organization (WHO) registered 183,020 new reported infections with the corona virus yesterday. It was the highest increase ever recorded in 24 hours.

The Americas accounted for 116,000 of these new cases, or 63.4 percent. According to the WHO, there have been over 8.7 million registered infections and over 461,000 deaths worldwide.

Highest level in the US for weeks

In the United States, the number of new infections rose to the highest level in weeks. According to the CDC, the number of infected people rose yesterday by 32,411 to just under 2.25 million.

It was already around 32,000 on Saturday after having been significantly below this value since mid-May. At 560, however, the number of new virus deaths was again somewhat lower than on the previous days. A total of 119,615 people in the United States have died of Covid-19 to date.

More than 50,000 dead in Brazil

In Brazil, the number of Covid 19 deaths has now exceeded 50,000. The Brazilian Ministry of Health announced yesterday evening (local time) on its website that a total of 50,617 patients had died in connection with the lung disease.

It has been proven that over a million people have been infected with the corona virus. According to experts, the actual number is likely to be much higher, since Brazil tests relatively little.