Start America With staggered strikes against Maduro

With staggered strikes against Maduro

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Because Venezuelan leader Maduro does not want to give way, his opponent Guaidó staggered strikes: He called on his compatriots to paralyze the country until Maduro vacates his post.

In the Venezuelan power struggle, the self-proclaimed interim president Juan Guaidó wants to chase the government of head of state Nicolás Maduro with a series of strikes from office. „Starting tomorrow, we’ll start with staggered strikes, all the way to a general strike,“ the opposition leader said at a rally in Caracas. „The end of the unlawful takeover is near.“

Guaidó called on his supporters to persevere and not abdicate in the protests against the government. „If the regime thinks we’ve reached the maximum pressure, it’s deceptive,“ he said. „Our sacrifices were not in vain, we’re conquering spaces and staying on the streets until we’ve gained freedom for Venezuela.“

„Freedom, freedom“

Many people took to the streets of Caracas and other South American cities to protest against Maduro and call for new elections. They chanted slogans like „Freedom, Freedom“ and waved Venezuelan flags.

In some places, security forces stopped the protest marches and used tear gas. „Do not lose hope,“ said opposition MP Mariela Magallanes. „This development can not be reversed.“

Many government supporters also took to the streets on work day. „The people defend the revolution,“ said the deputy leader of the socialist party, Diosdado Cabello.

Overthrow with the help of the army failed

On Tuesday Guaidó was with his attempt to pull the armed forces of the country on his side and to sweep Maduro with a flash action from office, for the time being failed. Although some soldiers joined the opposition and released the imprisoned for years opposition leader Leopoldo López from house arrest. However, the military leadership once again assured Maduro of its loyalty.

The crisis also leads to new tensions between Washington and Moscow. US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and his Russian colleague Sergei Lavrov exchanged reproaches in a telephone conversation. They accused the other government of illegally interfering in Venezuela, according to information from the foreign ministries of both countries.

Pompeo accused the Russian government of „destabilizing“ the South American country. Lavrov in turn accused the US government of „destructive influence“ in Venezuela and the break with international law. Moscow supports the left-wing leader Maduro in the Venezuelan power struggle, while Washington is on the side of the opposition leader Guaidó.