Start News World Labor Organization: “Worst Crisis” Since World War II

World Labor Organization: “Worst Crisis” Since World War II

geralt / Pixabay

The World Labor Organization (ILO) estimates that due to the coronavirus crisis, working hours will decrease by billions of hours in the coming months. According to the ILO, a total of around 2.7 billion working people are currently affected by any measure – that is around 81 percent of all workers worldwide, the ILO announced today.

For the second quarter of 2020, the ILO expects the number of hours worked worldwide to decrease by 6.7 percent – this corresponds to the working hours of around 230 million workers (at 40 hours per week). In Europe, working hours are reduced by an estimated 7.8 percent.

Worse than initially expected

“Changes in employment usually follow economic downturns with some delay. (…) In this current crisis, however, lock-downs and other measures hit employment more directly and more severely than was expected at the start of the pandemic, ”the analysis said. „This is the worst global crisis since World War II.“

According to the ILO, the hardest hit by the coronavirus crisis include hospitality, handicrafts, wholesale and retail, and auto repair shops. „We need to find solutions that help all parts of global society – especially those who are most vulnerable or least able to help themselves,“ said ILO Director-General Guy Ryder.