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Xi and Trump promise closer cooperation

Xi and Trump
The United States and China announced on the New Year's Day, 40 years ago

The United States and China announced on the New Year’s Day, 40 years ago, to further expand their cooperation on the occasion of the establishment of diplomatic relations. History has shown that cooperation is best for both sides, according to the statement released by the official Chinese news agency Xinhua today.

Despite the smoldering trade conflict between the two countries, Chinese leader Xi Jinping said in a message to Xinhua that the importance of cooperating with the US in strengthening mutual relations and promoting stability was emphasized in a message. US President Donald Trump praised the past four decades of diplomacy between China and the US and welcomed his „solid friendship“ with Xi.

Further negotiations in January

At the beginning of December, Trump and Xi agreed on a truce in the trade dispute on the sidelines of the G20 summit in Argentina and agreed to suspend further punitive tariffs. In January, negotiators from Washington and Beijing want to reunite.

Already during the past weeks, China sent out signs of complacency. For example, Beijing announced that it would suspend the tolls imposed on US automobiles and car parts in the summer for three months from January onwards. The two economic powers had previously been worth more than 300 billion dollars worth of goods (262 billion euros) with additional import duties.